Twitter users seem to be ‘lovin’ McDonalds…according to the numbers

4 Feb

McDonald’s utilization of micro blogging is through Twitter.

With 10,055 tweets, 11,639 following, and 940,320 followers, McDonald’s Twitter account, @McDonalds tweets roughly six times a day. Looking through the account from the past three weeks, it does not seem that McDonald’s engages with specific Twitter followers at all; unlike Dunkin Donuts who can be seen interacting with Twitter users at all times. Posts are mostly one way communication, such as “Heading home from a long weekend away? No worries, many McDonald’s are open 24/7. It’s perfect for a day of travel!”. There is nothing in that tweet that would entice a Twitter follower to respond. Maybe if they tweeted something along the lines of ‘It’s a perfect day to travel, what will you be ordering at your stop at McDonalds?’. That example would entice the followers to tweet back to respond and create conversation. Thankfully, McDonald’s does offer small contests to try to have some interaction and engagement with follower, such as their recent contest tweet ‘Tell us why you love oatmeal by 2pm CST with the #FruitNMapleOatmeal tag & you could win a free oatmeal on us!’.

Scrolling down McDonald’s Twitter, tweets are primarily from McDonalds, or McCafe. There was one retweet that broke up the wave of McDonald and McCafe icons. The retweet said, “@McDonalds drive thru. Army guy in front of me. Drive thru guy hands him food then shakes his hand says “thank you for your service” #epic”. It was nice to see that McDonalds is reading through people’s tweets about the company.

One tool that McDonalds is utilizing correctly is adding pictures to their tweets; pictures range from coffees, breakfast sandwiches, McChickens, burgers, etc. Photos are a great way to capture attention, as well as to advertise their food as delicious!

Overall, after looking at McDonald’s Twitter account, it appears that they are going about micro blogging somewhat correctly. There are constantly posting, and utilizing photos to grab visual attention. However, more two-way interaction between other followers needs to be increased. The sea of McDonalds and McCafe icons needs to be broken up with other followers and retweets, etc. However, from the look of the almost 1 million followers, McDonald’s is sure doing something right!

Are you ‘lovin’ it’? If so, be sure to check out their Twitter at @McDonalds!